School Starts Again!

We started school on Monday August 17th. Coppelia is doing an extra year of preschool which given her late summer birthday and everything it just made sense giving her an extra year to get ready to do full on school, so she didn’t start preschool until Tuesday. However I had a box of letter practice and all sorts of things for her to work on while her older brothers started their school work. We won’t be doing APEX this year which we will all miss but with trying to figure out how to do that online it just wasn’t going to work or be possible. So we have lots of options and chances to meet up with other families and learn in different ways on our extra day. We are using Sonlight/Bookshark for our history/language arts program, Leighton is doing 6th grade and Caedmon and Edric are both doing 2nd grade history with each doing their grade level of language arts with some All About Reading at their level added in. Paxton is doing a general history year looking at some amazing historical heroes which will be lots of fun. We switched to Grapevine for Bible and are going to work our way through the Old Testament this year which will be really good. Clint is going to teach the kids some basic Korean and the older three are doing typing as well. Add in phonics and grammar, spelling, science, cello, piano, handwriting and I think that about rounds out everything. We decided to come up with an official name, our school is the Armstrong Academy, and our mascot is the Lion with our motto being “Be Brave”. We chose a couple of verses for the year and Leighton made a wooden plaque to display it and the kids chose blue and sliver as our school colors. So with lots of prayer and as much sleep as we can get I think we are ready for a pretty amazing year. I’m looking forward to see what all the kids will learn and how they will grow this year. And watch out world, this year we have aspiring gymnast, ballet dancer, teacher, roof worker and chef…..