Backpacking Party of 7…..

So last week we took our crazy crew backpacking. It had been planned for awhile and we had a backpack camping permit in Rocky Mountain National Park. It was actually the back country camp site that we went with Caedmon and Leighton 5 years ago. The site is up the Lawn Lake trailhead and the kids have been practicing with their backpacks around the neighborhood all summer to get ready. Our site was just over 3 miles from the trail head. It is a fairly steep trail in a couple of long sections but everyone had pretty good attitudes. The last bit to our site was a bit of a push because everyone was hungry (it was lunch time) and tired of carrying bags. But we made it and everyone was smiles again after lunch as we set up camp. The backcountry camp sites are completely isolated, we were about 1/4 of a mile off the main hiking trail and saw no one which was great. We had two tents, one for Caedmon, Coppelia and myself and one for Clint and the other boys. Everyone pitched in and we had camp set up in no time. Then we headed down to the river near our site to pump fresh water for everyone and to play. It wasn’t long before shoes were off and we were wading in the river. There were also lots of rocks thrown in. We had a blast. Clint had figured out how to dehydrate food so he had pre-made some chili for us to eat and he cooked that up which everyone enjoyed. We played some more and then got everyone ready for bed and book and devotional time in Clint’s tent and then headed to bed. It was a great first day backpacking.