Lawn Lake Hiking

On our second day of backpacking we left the tents and bags behind (except for Clint who carried all our food/water/snacks/extra clothes for the day) and headed up the Lawn Lake trail near our camp site. It was a gorgeous day and a tough hike. We had a head start already being nearly 3 miles up the trail at our back country camp site, but it was nearly 4 miles more to the top. And it was about 1500 feet more in elevation climb as well. The kids didn’t really seem to notice it and we had a blast hiking and exploring. The view at the lake made the hike all worth it. It was absolutely breathtaking and we talked with the kids about God’s great creation and beauty. We made it to the lake about lunch time and sat down and enjoyed our lunch. As we were eating I looked up and there was a large moose across the lake eating her lunch as well. It was pretty neat to see. The kids were just as impressed with the moose as they were with a marmot that kept coming near. At least until the marmot started eating some nearby animal poop and then they weren’t so impressed with it. We climbed and played on the rocks near the lake and had a great time. However clouds quickly rolled in and we decided to head back to our camp site. But then the clouds really moved in and so we put everyone in ponchos just in case, and as it turned out we got those on with about a minute to spare. They were great though and kept us dry in the storm. The hike going back was almost all downhill which made it nice, we told stories, pretended that we were motorbikes, giggled and had a good hike back. In the end we did almost 9 miles. We headed down to the river by our camp site and played in it the rest of the afternoon. I’m pretty sure we re-routed the river with all the rocks and sticks that we threw in. Clint had dehydrated homemade fried rice for our dinner that night and we all enjoyed that with some hot chocolate. Everyone slept really well that night in our tents.