Afternoon With Mommy

On Saturday Clint was going to have some friends over to brew a home brew and as much as I thought he probably wanted 5 little helpers around I thought it might be beneficial if we found something else to do. I thought about going for a hike but mid-day in late July sounded hot and no fun….so I finally decided that taking them to a place with tons of breakable things and giving them paint sounded like a better idea. It actually was a lot of fun and then kids were super excited. I let them each pick out what they wanted to paint…..and 4 of the 5 decided they wanted to paint Monster Truck piggie banks. I totally figured Coppelia would go for the cupcake treasure box but nope, she wanted a monster truck too. Leighton picked salt and pepper shakers and I did a salsa and chip bowl. We wore our masks and they had everyone spread out so we followed all the rules. The kids painted for over 2 hours and had a great time. The pieces won’t be finished until Thursday, but I’m excited to see them!