Summertime Fun….

We’ve had some fun end of June/beginning of July activities. The kids have all been busy with the library summer reading program and each week requesting 2 books from the library that we can pick up in the parking lot. Coppelia picked a cook book the last time we went and is so proud of it and has been showing us what she is going to cook. One hot afternoon when everyone was getting a little tired of each other and needed a change of pace I pulled out her cookbook and we went to town on some Snicker-doodle cookies.

Last week Clint and Leighton went to work the gymnastics fireworks stand and so I decided to set up a “restaurant” for the kids for dinner. The kids had a great time with it. They had menus to review, got to eat breadsticks with dipping sauce while they decided and then enjoyed their salads. For the main course they had pasta. They talked about it all week and have been asking when we can have a restaurant again.

Leighton and I are also doing a virtual run this summer. It will eventually cover the entire Colorado trail, which is a total of 486 miles. I’m running a decent amount every day and he’s running with me a couple of times a week because of his gymnastics. It has been fun to run together and slowly cut down those miles. We are just 3 weeks in and have already covered nearly 120 miles together

In August we are planning our first backpack trip as a family, we are going to backpack a few miles in and spend a few nights. We have been practicing walking around the block with our backpacks on and making lists of what all we need since backpacking with 7 is a bit different than with 2…..The other night the kids wanted to sleep in a tent outside but we had huge winds and figured that by the morning they would all end up in Kansas so they put the tent up in the playroom. We laid the couch cushions down and they had quite the bed set up. Before they went to sleep they had s’mores. Clint and I had bets as to how long we think they would make it that night and we were totally surprised the next morning when they made it all night. The next day they found their play tent and set it up in the field and hauled wood and rocks to it to build their own camp site. They had a blast.