Easter-Capes and Snow…..

It was not our typical Easter by any means. I was actually off this morning which has not been the case the past few years which was really nice. The kids were super excited about their Easter baskets which were actually trash cans….With their new desks they all needed trash can and desk items so that is what they got. My mom put together little pencil holders and fun pencils and erasers and I got them little notebooks and sticky note pads. We got each of them two books as well, books always seem to be our theme with Easter gifts. We woke up to snow this morning and had anticipated that last night, so we hid the eggs inside and the kids had a blast running around finding them.

After egg hunting (which I’m pretty sure was done before 7AM) we had breakfast and I ran on the treadmill and used the rowing machine. At 10AM we settled in for our church service. Even though we are separated by miles it was special to know that we were celebrating with many other friends and family the resurrection of our Lord. Our church decided to help make everyone feel connected and so after the service sent people out to take family “porchtraits”. The kids insisted that we wear our family superhero capes. Paxton and Coppelia had decided that they were staying in their pjs all day with the snow and Leighton and Caedmon decided that it was still shorts weather despite the fact that the thermometer still hadn’t reached 20 degrees….nevertheless we posed for photos even though none of us were actually dressed in typical Easter dress.

In true Easter tradition we made Resurrection rolls. Which just for the record, mine never actually turn out looking like they are suppose to and I end up with all sorts of melted marshmallows all over my cookie sheet. But we make them every year anyway. I had quite the helpers who took their jobs of rolling marshmallows in butter and sugar/cinnamon very seriously. It was fun to bake with all of them and the finished products despite looking like a mess turned out pretty well.

For lunch we face-timed with my parents. We didn’t have anything too special, pasta and green beans and fruit, but I used colored place-mats and everyone got to eat on a glass plate and use real silverware. We even used real glasses instead of our usual water bottles. I overheard Leighton tell Paxton “this is a fancy meal”. I did pick a few of my hyacinths that I had tried to protect from the snow and cold under a bucket and added them to the table as well. After lunch the kids took turns reading their books to my parents and showing them the rope lights that they got in their Easter baskets that we hung on their beds.

While it may not have been a typical Easter, I still got the chance to worship and celebrate the gift that we have been given, I was surrounded by family that I love (both in person and virtually), there was plenty of smiles and giggles to go around, and who knows, we might just rock the family superhero capes every Easter from here on out. I finished out Easter 2020 at work alongside my fellow superheros as we work hard to make a difference in this pandemic.