New Beds….

Like many other people during this time we are getting some house projects done. The kids all said that they wanted desks for their rooms and we have been trying to figure out how to do that. While we were out of town I had mentioned to my parents the kid’s request for desks and so my parents started thinking and came up with loft beds using the boy’s bunk beds. They went to the local store called Uncle Benny’s which has a whole wide assortment of all sorts of things and found so drawers for each of the kids desk. My dad was bored because the weather wasn’t the greatest while we were gone so he and my mom made amazing loft beds for the kids. Coppelia’s desk is still in process because she has a metal day bed so she can’t get a loft bed but we will work something out for her. When we got home I also painted Leighton and Edric’s room, it had been dark blue on one wall and then bright red on the other three. When we had moved in they had been big into Spider-man so the red made sense but it was a little much, so we toned it down with a lighter shade of blue. I will eventually when the fabric stores open back up take each of the kids to pick out material to make curtains to hang over their desk/reading area so they can each have their own little private area. We still need to hand their bulletin boards underneath in their areas as well but it’s coming together pretty well. For Easter they are each getting rope lights to hang underneath as well as little trashcans and office supplies for their desks.