So Paxton decided to start reading. I’ve known that he knows all his letters and all the sounds for awhile but I decided to get an early reader book one evening down and just see how he did. Well he just took off. He quickly worked his way through “The rat is fat. The rat is Nat. The fat rat is Nat.” It was fun to see him read and just watch his eyes light up. He got the biggest grin on his face and carried the reading book with him the rest of the evening (he was a bit upset that I wouldn’t let him take it in the bath with him) and I’m pretty sure he slept with it in his bed. This past week for preschool they had to bring their favorite story books and so he took one of the little readers that he has been working on, and read his class all about Jim’s bad ham and bad jam and how Jim was mad about the bad ham and jam. Super fun to see him just take off and want to read. They have all approached reading so differently but whether it has been an easy thing or a difficult thing I hope they all enjoy reading throughout their lives.