Braces Off!

We hit another milestone on Thursday, Leighton got his braces off! Initially they were only suppose to be on for 12 months and it ended up being stretched out to 18 months because his teeth move slowly. But they finally came off (for this first round at least). He has a retainer on the top to match the one he’s been wearing on the bottom now that he wears at night. He was really nervous about the braces coming off and was afraid that it was going to hurt despite my multiple reassurances, so it was kind of funny to sit there and have the clip them off in less than a minute. He kind of sheepishly looked at me and said “I guess you were right”. We have really loved the staff at Longmont Braces and their care and I know it’s probably only a matter of months until its one of the other kid’s turns….I think Edric is up next but currently he is missing more teeth than he has so he has to get his teeth back in before they can put braces on him. Dr Ross gave Leighton a big bag of popcorn and a balloon which he was pretty excited about. He rode on a sled behind the 4-wheeler this afternoon with my dad because we got more snow again (and I’m not sure who has more fun, my dad or the kids). We finished off the day with s’mores since he can have marshmallows again and then we watched the Men’s Gymnastics Winter Cup where he cheered on his heroes.