Bolder Boulder Training 2020

Memorial Day is still a number of months away but that didn’t stop us this past Saturday for our 2020 Bolder Boulder training kick off. This year Edric and Caedmon will be running with Clint and Leighton and I are trying to go under an hour on our run….we missed it by about 4 minutes last year. Paxton and Coppelia have another year before they will start their Bolder Boulder careers but they have both asked if they can run a race with me so I’ve got to find one that the three of us can do, more in the 5K distance rather than the 10K. So with the sun shining on Saturday after the kids did a 2 mile bike ride around the block as a good warm up and Clint and I ran along side them we met in the driveway to plan our route. It’s a quarter mile from our house to the front entrance of our neighborhood and so it made for a good track, Leighton and I ran to the entrance and back twice, Caedmon made it once (with a good amount of walking in there), Edric and Paxton did about 1 and 1/2 times and Coppelia and Clint made one loop. Everyone was smiling at the end which is what we want and it was a good warm up…many more miles to go but we got it started.