Meet #3….

On Sunday Leighton had his third gymanstics meet of this season. It was in Boulder and it was a really fun meet. The meet has been around for 34 years and was started way back when mens gymnastics was declining, so they came up with this meet to make gymnastics cool and fun for boys. So as part of the meet they have a costume contest for all the teams and the winning team gets a huge trophy to take home. The judges also dress up in costume and go by mobster names for the meet. Our boys didn’t win the costume contest but according to Leighton a couple of the judges came by later and told the boys that they thought our boys should have won. My mom came to the meet and so did the rest of the kids. Which meant Leighton had quite the cheering crowd and it also meant that after his team was done with an event we found an excuse to go walk the halls or go run the sidewalks or something to help get the wiggles out. The other kids did really well all in all…might have been because I bribed them with the promise of a gummy bear after the meet if they did well, but sometimes you do what you have to do. Leighton did really well, he took first in Pommel Horse and Vault and 3rd in Rings and 4th overall for his age group and division. He scored a 10.0 on Pommell (out of a total of 11 because he has two bonus skills that have the potential to add 0.5 to his score) and when that score popped up he got the biggest grin on his face. Floor is still a struggle and he’s still working on getting his kip on high bar although he almost had it on his own in the meet today and he did it once in practice last week so its just a matter of time. It’s been fun to watch him grow and get better and work through things that are tough. He really likes his teammates and it is fun to watch them work together and they ended up 3rd overall as a team with a big trophy to take home to their gym.