Armstrong Caucus 2020….

Growing up I wasn’t a big fan of Social Studies and I am not really into politics, but I have enjoyed making it all come alive for the kids. Monday was no exception. We had our own Caucus on Monday. The kids were paired off into partners as campaign managers and they had to come up with a candidate and then decide on a campaign slogan, the 3 issues that they felt were most important, design a sign and come up with a speech. Leighton and Clint were paired up, some might say that that wasn’t the fairest pairing but Leighton had a fever that day and was not feeling well so it was pretty equal in the long run. The kids took things pretty seriously and I explained to them different issues that they could have their candidate stand for. They all actually chose Equal Rights and Health Care and then each pair picked a different 3rd issue. They worked hard on their campaign signs and their speeches. After dinner everyone gathered in the living room to hear the speeches and then to vote. Everyone ran around to different corners until they decided where to settle. In the end, Samuel the Lego man was the winner of our delegates. Edric cried because no one except Coppelia voted for their candidate, (he didn’t even vote for their candidate) and it might be because their candidate promised to raise taxes or it might be because Legos always win out, even over stuffed animals and Mice Kings. In the end everyone had a good time and hopefully learned a little as well.