That Tooth Fairy….

The Tooth Fairy seems to have an issue with our house. Mainly the Tooth Fairy seems to miss the message that someone lost a tooth and is expecting her to come. I don’t know….maybe the Tooth Fairy gets tired and goes to bed early. Well whatever it is last week Edric lost a tooth and it took a number of nights before the Tooth Fairy remembered. He finally left her a very stern note (and daddy put a reminder/alarm in his phone to remind himself) and that night the Tooth Fairly did finally remember. I figure at this rate we should just start putting money under Paxton and Coppelia’s pillows so that when they get around to loosing teeth the Tooth Fairy might actually be ahead….The other good thing is that Paxton seems to be missing entire teeth, ie he only has 1 of his 2 year molars and even then the Dentist isn’t sure based on the xrays if he even has the other 3. Which given his size is actually ok since the little guy doesn’t have any room for any teeth anyway, so likely the tooth fairy won’t have to visit him as much. I’m beginning to think along with the college savings plans that are out there, we need a tooth fairy savings plan and an orthodontist savings plan…..