Meet #2….

Leighton had his second meet this past weekend down in Castle Rock which is south of Denver. We had to be there at 7:30 which meant we left the house EARLY. I actually had an adoption camp meeting that morning as well so I only got to stay for part of the meet but Clint kept me posted on how it went. The judges were tough this meet and Leighton’s scores on some of the events weren’t all that high but he looked much better than he had on prior meets and he almost had his kip and his backhandspring on his own. In the end he ended up finishing 2nd overall on Pommel Horse and he took 7th in Vault which is pretty good considering that there were 15 guys competing at his level. His team finished 2nd overall as well. It was fun to watch and see all the guys on their team getting better and cheering each other on.