Hiking with Uncle Chris

A couple of weekends ago we finally got to meet up with my brother and go hiking. He lives just south of Denver so we headed that way and met up at Castlewood Canyon State Park which I didn’t even know existed. It is a canyon just south of Denver and it was gorgeous. We lucked out and had a beautiful day with sunshine and no clouds that was cool but not cold. We also got to meet Chris’s partner Adam and had a great time. Paxton was coming down with a cold and really didn’t feel great at all so he mostly rode on my back for the majority of the hike. We hike along the Creek Bottom Trail that went past a great little waterfall and then all the way to the dam and up to the top of it. The dam broke years ago but parts of it still remain. We had our lunch there before climbing up to the top. Then we hiked back and just enjoyed the time together. There were many rocks to scramble up which everyone enjoyed. It has been a lot of fun getting to know my brother since we found each other last spring. We have a number of years to catch up on and it was great to just hike and have a good day together.