Easter 2019

We did Easter over a couple of days this year. I’m finally getting smart and realizing that trying to do Easter baskets and egg find on Sunday morning while also trying to get everyone ready for church just doesn’t work. At all. So we did Easter baskets and eggs on Saturday morning which made Sunday morning go much smoother.

The kids knew that we were doing eggs Saturday morning and that Clint had hidden them Friday night while I was at work. And that is why Paxton and Caedmon were standing at our bedside at 5:20 Saturday morning asking if they could go find the eggs. We sent them back to bed and told them no one out of bed until 7AM. We had to repeat that to Edric and Leighton again an hour later…..Luckily Clint had covered the Easter baskets in the living room with a blanket. The kids were too excited to go back to bed and so they ended up cleaning the play room so their early morning turned out well. Finally we were ready to go and they uncovered their baskets. Which I managed to not really get a photo of, but each had a couple of books, some spinning tops, silly sunglasses, and a few pieces of chocolate. Typically I don’t do sugar for the kids but I gave in this year and included some.

After exploring their baskets they lined up and headed outside to find eggs. It was so fun to hear them squeal and watch them run around. The three bigger boys did a good job of leaving some for the two littles to find. Then they all gathered on the lawn to examine their eggs which were filled with bubbles, bouncy balls, squishy balls and some more little chocolates.

Sunday morning everyone got all dressed up and we headed to church. Clint actually was in charge of teaching Caedmon and Edric’s class which he had a lot of fun with and Leighton and I were on the welcome team. Church went really well and then we headed home and changed clothes and headed to my parents. My brother Josh and his wife joined us and then Chris who is my half brother that I just met and connected with also came up and met all of my family. The kids were super excited to meet him and they were waiting in the drive way for him to arrive. At one point I kind of looked around the table and realized that the connections that we had weren’t really because of blood, except for Chris and I (and we literally just met a couple of months ago) and then Caedmon and Leighton with Clint and I, but it was obvious that family is not based on blood but on love and care for each other. We had a great lunch, way too much sugar, and then played games in the afternoon.

It was a really sweet Easter. Lots of sweet memories, thankful to celebrate our Lord and family and fun and laughter.