Coppelia 2 Years Home!

On Sunday not only did we celebrate Easter but we also celebrated Coppelia’s Family Day. And she let everyone know it as well. Especially that she was going to get to eat Mochi Balls (ice cream that is wrapped in a rice paste that the kids love and we use to celebrate family days and Korean holidays). On the way to church that morning she wanted to pray, and her prayer was “Dear Jesus, Thank you family day, thank you mochi balls, thank you I eat mochi balls, amen”. She had her priorities.

It is amazing to see where she is today and where she was 2 years ago. Mom and I got off that plane with a very sad little girl who was very unsteady on her feet and delayed in her speech. Today she is a totally different girl. Quiet, calm, demure she is not and never will be….she’s more akin to a bull in a china shop. A very loud bull at that. She still has a way to go with speech but I don’t think a day goes by without me saying at least once, “Coppelia, can you please be quiet?” She has one volume and it is not soft. And lately she has been saying “dang it!” as her response to many things which just makes me giggle hearing that come out of this little girl.

She loves riding her bike and 6 months ago she couldn’t even peddle and now she asks moments after waking up if she can ride her bike. She loves the swings and loves to dig in the dirt and play with mud and water. Last week she found a dead rolly-poly that she carried around and played with for most of the afternoon. She likes her sparkles but usually has a car nearby that she is playing with and wants to climb all the trees. She is not a fan of getting her hair combed and asked Clint a couple of months ago to cut her hair like his (totally buzzed) so that then she didn’t have to have it combed every day. And her response when we told her “no”? “Dang it!”

So Coppelia Jiyun, we are so thankful for you in our family and blessed to be your parents. You are going to keep us on our toes and we will have quite the adventures watching you grow up. We love you sweet girl.