Bobcat Ridge Hike…

We decided to not really take a week off for Spring Break this year. We decided we’d rather finish a week earlier in May and have more summer free time. However we decided to make the week that the littles didn’t have preschool and the bigs didn’t have their Wednesday enrichment a little lighter and still get some fun things in. Wedensday turned out to be absolutely gorgeous and we totally took advantage of it and did a little hike.

I grew up in the area, but despite that I am finding new places to explore all the time. Bobcat Ridge is one of those places. It is only about 20 minutes from our home and a beautiful open space with hiking. I’m working on sunscreen and hats for everyone when we are outside all the time so the kids all picked out hats that they wanted to wear. The path we chose was nice and fairly flat and lead to an old homestead.

The kids all did great, they skipped, ran, hiked, and had a great time the whole way there. They only managed to never all look at the camera at the same time! Once we reached there we explored the old homestead and talked about what it would have been like to live during that time. We found a good log to sit on and everyone had a bit of lunch and then we explored some more.

We headed back after awhile and then headed home. All in all it took us 2.5 hours but that’s with a long lunch break and exploring time. We were back home in 20 minutes and everyone was riding bikes. It’s great to know we have a close amazing trail that we can go for a quick hike at any time.