Paxton’s Family Day

And finally Monday was Paxton’s 2 year Family Day. He has been such a blessing to our family and such a little sweetie. He may be small (he finally hit 28 pounds….with clothes on) but he has never let his smallness stop him, he totally acts and thinks he’s just as big as the big boys and doesn’t let anything stop him.

He is way too smart for his age at this point and is going to keep us on our toes challenging him and helping him learn all that he wants to learn. He knows all his letters and sounds and I’m just re-in forcing those one more time before we start on reading. He can write his name and has a great imagination. Lately he has been telling us that he is a kitty cat and only answers some days to “kitty” and meows in response to questions some days. Cars and trucks are still his favorite and he’s a big fan of riding his bike and loves to play outside.

I know that adoption is not all rainbows and unicorns and comes with so much loss. He lost his first family, culture, language, food, his sweet foster family that loved him so much, and memories. He will walk with that loss all of his life and we will walk with him through it as best as we can. We have gained so much with him being a part of our family and feel so blessed that he is our son.

And so Happy Family Day Paxton KaOn, we are so glad you are an Armstrong!