2019 Level 4 State Gymanstics Meet

Also on Saturday we had Leighton’s Colorado State Gymnastics Meet. He has worked really hard this first season of gymnastics and grown and developed so much. It has been a lot of fun to watch him get stronger and more confident. But I was still super nervous all day leading up to the meet. I’m one of those moms that just gets too nervous before and really don’ relax until his first event is done and the first score is up. Then I’m able to relax a little. I try really hard not to let him see or know how nervous I am.

And as it turned out Leighton had his best meet all season. There have been a number of things that he has been working on the past few weeks to tweak and to make his routines better and to show his strengths and everything came together Saturday evening when they needed too.

He ended up first in Rings and Vault, tied for first on mushroom (pommel horse) and tied for 3rd on Parallel Bars as well. He finished 2nd overall in his division and he and his teammates finished as a team in 4th place and got a huge trophy for that. It was lots of fun to see and watch and cheer him on. He said he could hear me cheering him on and was pretty sure everyone else could too. He’s grown a ton over the season in skills and his coach has done a great job working and encouraging him.