Happy 7th Birthday Caedmon!

We’ve had a busy few days at our house between a birthday, state gymnastics meet, and a family day….but we’ll start with Caedmon’s birthday.

Caedmon turned 7 on Saturday. Crazy to think that he is already 7. That boy was born with an extra dose of self confidence and it has only grown since that time. He has become such a sweet sweet boy. And is full of imagination. He struggles a bit with reading but I’m learning its because he has seen the picture on the page and has already written a story about what he thinks is going on in the story and has no interest in actually reading the story that he is suppose to. He loves his little friends and loves having adventures and exploring He loves to dance but just the same loves to play trucks or cars or swords and nerf guns.

We celebrated his friend birthday party on Friday. It worked well since he wanted his homeschool buddies to come and a couple of his neighborhood friends who were on spring break. He decided he wanted everyone to paint treasure boxes and put pirate gold and treasures in them. But he also told me that it wasn’t a pirate birthday party. So the kids painted and played outside and had a great time. They ate popsicles instead of cake and everyone had a good time.

On his actual birthday he told me for his special birthday lunch he wanted peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, bananas, and brownies. So that’s what we had. He got some legos, a transformer, an army costume (which he hasn’t taken off since he got it), and a nerf gun.

It’s crazy again to think that it has been 7 years since that hot March day when he made his arrival into this world and filled our lives with imagination, smiles, stories, laughter and so much joy. I’m excited to see the young man that he is going to grow up to be. Happy Birthday Caedmon Isaiah! We love you!