First Real Snow of 2018

We had our first real snow over the weekend. Technically it snowed last Wednesday and Leighton came tearing down the stairs at 6:30 all excited about the dust of snow that he saw out the window, but the first actual snow came over the weekend. It started Saturday night after it had been 65 just a couple hours earlier (that’s how we roll in Colorado). By Sunday morning everything was white (AND COLD!!)

I really don’t think we could have gotten home from church fast enough for the kids Sunday morning….they had already laid out their snow gear before we even left for church that morning. And in case you are wondering what it’s like to get 5 kids into snow gear….let’s just say I’m going to propose it as a new Olympic Sport for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. At one point Edric had Paxton’s snow pants on which came to his knees and at the same time Caedmon was upset that his coat didn’t fit (turns out it was also Paxton’s coat) and someone else couldn’t find their gloves. Somehow we managed to get them all dressed and outside. At that point we could go about finding our own snow gear.

Finally all dressed….

We ended up with 7+ inches of snow and we just goofed around and played outside in it. We made snow angels, went sledding, had a snow ball fight, and just enjoyed and giggled with each other.

It has all since melted (except for the little bits left in the shade) as the temperature hit 60+ degrees again yesterday and as of now there’s no snow in the immediate forecast….but again this is Colorado.