Wedding Fun…

Last Thursday my brother married his bride, Heidi, and we were excited to welcome her into our family. The 7 of us all had roles in the wedding which made it a lot of fun, I was a bridesmaid, Coppelia was a flower girl, Paxton and Leighton were ring bearers, and Edric and Caedmon carried signs (“too late to run Uncle Josh, here she comes” and “Don’t worry ladies, I’m still single”) and Clint said a prayer.

The morning of the wedding though I think the kids (and probably us adults) had way more fun in the hotel pool. We were in the pool by 8AM and stayed till nearly 11. It was a ton of fun and wore everyone out for early naps.


The wedding venue was gorgeous, the night before during the rehearsal there were deer walking all over the golf course and right through the middle of the rehearsal. Once we got to the site the day of the wedding it was a sprint. We helped get the reception area decorated, got everyone dressed and did all sorts of photos. I’m looking forward to seeing the final photos, and I only got a few of us before the wedding but we cleaned up pretty well.


Everyone made it down the aisle, although Coppelia got a little sidetracked and had to be coaxed all the way down by my dad. The kids did great sitting through the ceremony (helped that I had put cars and little hand puzzles under their seats before the start of the ceremony). They were great during the reception too. The appetizer was actually a macaroni and cheese bar which was lots of fun and the kids actually filled up on that and didn’t really want much of the actual dinner when it was time. They all sat at the table and played with the golf balls that were the favors along with the favor baggies with goodies inside. They all pulled out coloring books and crayons and were happy as could be. It was a good thing too because our table was right next to the cake tables and I was afraid that little fingers would find their way into the cakes. They headed back to the hotel for bed with Clint a little after 8 and I stuck around to help with clean up at the end of wedding. We had a great time and it was fun to celebrate and gain a great sister-in-law.