Chuseok 2018

Last week was the Korean holiday, Chuseok, which is the harvest festival. In Korea traditionally families visit grave sites of their ancestors and have feasts of traditional foods. It is also a time to play games and celebrate families.


Each year since Edric has come home we have worked to celebrate the major Korean holidays even if not exactly in the traditional way. I want them all to enjoy and appreciate and know that we honor their culture and heritage. Last Tuesday afternoon we all put on our hanboks and played games in the yard. Everyone loves putting their hanboks on, but I realized this year that Leighton and Caedmon are outgrowing theirs. For the first time I had a hanbok that I got to wear. I purchased it at Korea Adoption Camp this year and was excited to wear it with the kids.



We played London Bridges and Ring Around the Rosie which made everyone laugh and have a good time. This year I did not make any traditional Korean foods, but I will work on incorporating that in the future. It was fun just taking a little bit to celebrate and have fun with each other.