3 Years Home!

On Sunday we celebrated Edric’s Family Day. He has been home and part of our family for 3 years now! Crazy to realize that it has already been 3 years but also hard to remember what our lives were life before he joined us. To celebrate he wanted pasta and to watch the Bronco game and eat strawberry ice cream.

I look at the photos of him when we were in the airport and those first few days home and how little and scared and sad he looked. His whole life had changed. It was a hard adjustment for all of us but we have all grown and learned so much through it.

Some days I feel like we are still trying to figure out what it is that makes him click but we have learned so much. He started a rock climbing class this fall and LOVES it. It has been so good for his confidence and body control. We are figuring out with school how to help him learn, and he’s doing so much better than we had hoped or wished for. He loves to help and loves to be the center of attention. We have always said “Edric would be a perfect and very happy only child”. Unfortunately he is in a family of 7…but we’re figuring out what each other needs and how to be a family and work together.

Adoption is born out of loss, loss of ones first family and blood lines, loss of culture and language, loss of everything that that child has known. And we work hard to include Korean culture in our family as best as we can, but we are aware that as he grows he may have questions, desires, and want to know/learn/be a part of more of the culture he was born into. And so anything we can do to support him we will walk those roads and through those questions and hurts and loss with him. We are however truly blessed and humbled that we get to be his family and watch this amazing little boy grow and become all that he is meant to be. Edric, Happy Family Day and know that we are so glad you are a part of us!