Fishing With Kids….

Really I just wish I had a video of our fishing adventures while we were camping a few weeks back. It would be hilarious. I took a bunch of photos, but they no where near do the experience justice.


I’m pretty sure Clint spent about 98% of the time un-tying fishing line or switching lures, or tying fishing line to sticks to make fake fishing poles, or pulling lures out of someone’s clothes (luckily I don’t think we ever caught someones skin…only each others clothes). The less than 2% of the time that he actually fished he usually caught a fish. Granted mind you I spent far more time with a fishing pole in the water in-between casting out everyone else’s poles, helping reel them in, making multiple trips with various kids to the out houses, getting snacks, and such and I never caught a fish. And no I’m not bitter about it at all…..

At one point on one of the days Coppelia had set up her chair by the side of the lake and was “fishing” and in the process managed to land face first in the water. She had a pull up on even though she’s potty trained just because she had not been good about telling us when she needed to go while we were camping, and so she spent the afternoon in just her pull up. She had the most fun sliding down the side of the bank with Paxton….they literally had dirt EVERYWHERE. Another day she set up her own little fishing area…..way far from the actual lake, she pulled two chairs together and was “fishing” off the side of her makeshift boat. You know, whatever works.

We had a couple of lures that didn’t have hooks on them. We put these on Paxton and Coppelia’s poles because it was just safer that way. Still, Coppelia could get her line in the biggest knot in the matter of 2 seconds. Once I literally cast her line out and started her reeling in, and turned and walked up the shore about 10 feet to cast out Paxton’s line and turned back around and in the span of less than 2 minutes Coppelia hand her line strung up and down both sides of herself about 8 feet in both directions, wrapped around both legs and up over her shoulder and through the velcro in her shoe still with the lure out in the lake where I cast it just seconds before. Paxton was just as bad. I seriously asked him once how he managed to get his line over Caedmon’s shoulder and between his legs….I will never know. Needless to say we had lots to laugh about.

The last morning a ways down the shore another family set up to fish. That morning Caedmon and Edric were very excited about just tying fishing line to the end of a stick and then on the other end have plastic fish attached. This kept them entertained for well over an hour. They would throw out their “fish” and then pull them in and exclaim “caught one”. In between their “catches” Leighton was actually catching a few and Clint of course was catching some. The other family could hear the boys yelling “caught one” and they would turn and look up at us, and then a few minutes later the other would exclaim “caught one” and they’d turn and look at us again. In between that there were the real catches too which of course also got everyone excited. We noticed that after a little over an hour that family packed everything up and left….I think they really thought we were catching that many fish. I’m sure they were trying to figure out how we kept all 5 fishing and catching multiple fish.

We had a great time, way too much to laugh about and a few actual fish caught in the process.