Birthday Adventure Park

This year for Leighton’s birthday we decided to do things a little differently. Clint and I talked and then we talked with Leighton about doing something instead of gifts. We discussed doing something that was memorable and fun instead of buying gifts. Leighton was actually totally on board. I found an adventure park a little ways away and we made our reservations.

A couple weeks after his birthday Leighton, Clint and I headed out to the adventure park. It is a big tower of all sorts of obstacles that one has to traverse and attempt. We were in harnesses and there were three levels of the obstacles. The first level was pretty doable, the second was tougher and I didn’t even attempt the third level, both Clint and Leighton did an obstacle there, but I was much better on the bottom level.


We had a lot of fun, it took some bravery to step out and trust. Leighton did great, he was slightly nervous at the beginning but then totally took to it and tried all sorts of things. It was a really special few hours just exploring and trying and laughing with each other topped by ice cream on the way home. Just a sweet time with our little boy who isn’t so little any more and is a pretty awesome kid.