Happy 3rd Birthday Coppélia Jiyun!

Coppélia’s 3rd birthday is today. 3 years ago Clint and I were actually in South Korea flying home from Edric’s court date the day before. I was tearful getting on the plane knowing that we were leaving Edric behind. Little did I know that we were actually leaving 3 babies behind, Edric with his foster mom, Paxton at Eastern Babies Home, and Coppélia who was born that morning….how our family changed in a short 18 months!

Coppélia has been home 16 months now and what an adventure it has been! To say that she has spunk would be an understatement and to say that she strongly believes the world revolves around her is fairly accurate. She is a bundle of sass and flair and confidence. Her speech may still be limited but at preschool drop off yesterday her preschool teacher (she’s only had 3 days of preschool so far) told me that she is quick to let everyone else know in the class where their seats are and where they are to sit. She has her opinions and she is not afraid to let others know what they are….LOUDLY.

She makes me crack up and is quite confident in her fashion desires and if I pick out something for her that she does not want she lets me know with a very prim “No”. Her latest favorite choices include snow boots, dresses (especially anything sparkly) and her sunglasses…upside down.

Rocking the sun glasses….
Everyone needs their boots, dress, and a nerf gun on a stroller ride…

She holds her own with her brothers and often insists on having her own car to play with along side of them. Eating is still one of her favorite activities but she is also a big fan of play-doh, beads, swings, and crayons (she’d prefer paint…but keeping it on the paper is the current issue so we are sticking with crayons for now)

Coppélia we are so glad you are in our family, the Lord knew that we needed your flair and spunk to shake up all the introverts in the rest of us. Happy birthday sweet girl!