Yurt Camping 2018

We got away from everything last week and went yurt camping. I decided I really like yurts. It’s kind of like a tent only in the morning when its cold there is a wood stove that you can start (or in my case Clint can climb out of his warm sleeping bag and start while I stay in my warm sleeping bag) to warm things up. Also if it rains then there is a place to stay that won’t float away (which always seems to be our luck with tent camping).

The kids had a blast. We went to State Forrest State Park and they have great yurts and we pretty much went all week without seeing anyone else. There was a water station down at the reservoir and we saw a few people there but other than that we were pretty much on our own. They were doing some logging in the area but nothing that really affected us. The yurt had a wood stove and a propane cook top with a wood/coal grill outside as well. I don’t know why but anything cooked out over a wood fire always tastes better.

There were three sets of bunks inside, twin mattresses on top and full mattresses underneath. It took a little arranging a few different times (even in the middle of the night) for everyone to figure out where they would sleep best, but it worked really well. Everyone was always tired enough from hiking and fishing that for the most part everyone went down really well.

We had a great time and are already planning and looking forward to our next camping experience in the yurts.

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