Homeschool Prep 2018

It’s still July (barely) but I had a few afternoons off while all the kids were at day camp or napping and so I decided to get everything ready for homeschool. We needed a new organization strategy because our wire shelving unit thing with drawers just wasn’t working.

So while all the kids were out of the house Clint and I decluttered/sorted/threw away/and cleaned up our homeschool area. Yes we really know how to have fun when we have no kids around. Clint built some shelves, one of which can double as a desk in case we need it or if someone needs to be moved away from the table that everyone else is working at in order to get their work done.

I went to work on bins that could hold everything and yet still be portable. The two littles are going to be in preschool 4 mornings a week this year and I wanted something that if we decided to load everyone up and after dropping the littles off head to a park or something to do school at for the morning we weren’t packing multiple bags or whatever. I found great bins online that came in different colors and stack up and hold a ton and yet are easy to move around. I set to personalizing them.

One thing I’ve found is sometimes we forget what subjects we still need to cover or work on during a day and we get to the end of the day only to remember we haven’t done any handwriting. Also I wanted something that the kids could visually see and mark off as they worked through their days. Many days if we stay on task we can get everything done by lunch….sometimes not so much, but the more we can stay focused the easier it is. Enter laminated sheets and dry erase markers. I set to work figuring and listing out all the subjects each kid had and then got out my scissors and glue and went to work.

I’m really happy with the way everything turned out….and then I went a little nuts and started making all sorts of labels and bins for everything. Easy with some scrapbooking paper, glue and laminating sheets.

We put everything together in its place and we are pretty set to go. Still have a few more weeks before we will actually start, but I am looking forward to this year. Edric will start kindergarten this year and Caedmon is in 1st and Leighton will be doing 4th. We still take it one year at a time and figuring out so much as we go along.

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