Toddlers Do The Zoo….

It was a mommy and toddler date today and we went to the zoo. The morning started out a little chilly (high 30s) but by the time we left it was about 60ish, so really we couldn’t ask for a nicer day. We use to visit the zoo all the time with Leighton because we literally use to live about 15 minutes away but we’ve only been once since Paxton and Coppélia came home. Since the bigger boys had Homeschool Enrichment today and Edric had preschool it was a good day for just me and them to hang out.

Doing the zoo with two two-year olds is really quite interesting and tests mommy’s ability to keep track of both of them at the same time. And in all honesty they aren’t all that interested in the animals….that being said they still had a blast. And so did I.

One thing with taking two fairly newly potty trained two year olds to the zoo is that we spend a fair amount of time checking out the various restrooms at the zoo. And check them out we did….ie in the 4 hours we were there I think we went 6 or 7 times. By the end I was wondering if they both were going so much so that they could wash their hands in the little sink and use their favorite new discovery….the hand blow dryer. Honestly I think if you asked both of them they would say that the hand dryer was clearly their favorite animal.

We of course did the train and the carousel because what trip to the zoo is complete without those. Paxton was just in awe of the train. As he is with any truck/car/tractor/etc. The carousel was an interesting dichotomy….The entire time Coppélia said “all done mommy….all done mommy” while I held on and reassured her, meanwhile Paxton had a huge grin on his face and couldn’t stop giggling. When the carousel ended Paxton immediately said “Go again!” And Coppelia was quick to lean towards me and into my arms and said one more time “all done”.

We had a great day!