An Afternoon In The Snow…

On our way home from church yesterday Leighton asked “When can we go up to the mountains and walk around a lake or something again?”. Clint and I looked at each other and knowing that we had nothing planned for the afternoon decided that we’d go then. We got home and quickly ate lunch and loaded everyone and all our cold weather gear up and headed out.

It was cold and windy up in Rocky Mountain National Park but we successfully wrestled 5 kids in to ski pants/coats/hats/gloves and got two toddlers to go potty on the portable potty that we brought because of course we are attempting to potty train two at the same time, all in the back of the van without anyone getting cold in the process. I counted that a huge win to start with. Besides the fact that we managed to actually pack everyones ski pants/hats/gloves/coats and didn’t forget some part of something…which is 35 pieces of clothing by the way. And then with everyone bundled up we started to “hike” around the lake in the snow. The snow was well packed so we didn’t need snow shoes, and hike is used very loosely…as in we rolled, did snow angels, jumped, ran, crawled, got carried (the toddlers not Clint and I), and giggled our way around the lake. Bear lake isn’t very big, but for a couple of 2 year olds it was far enough. And we made plenty of stops along the way to play even more in the snow. And honestly photos are the best way to share our afternoon with you. It was great to get away for a few hours and just have some fun.

Starting out