Paxton-9 months home!

Christmas Day marked Paxton’s 9 month home day. I of course was a few days late getting his photo and such taken. Not that I didn’t remember on Christmas, but sometimes a lot happens between the thought “oh, Paxton’s been home 9 months today, I need to get his photo taken” and the actual photo being taken.

It’s been fun this month to see Christmas through his little eyes and experience the firsts with him. He wasn’t too sure about Christmas lights at first, especially all the lights that our neighbor put up. He kept telling me “Scary scary!”. I had to convince him that they weren’t scary and that they were pretty. One of the boys told him that they were for Jesus’ birthday and that helped the most. Now every time he sees Christmas lights he says “Happy birthday baby Jesus.”

This boy loves his trucks. I think I’ve said that every month, and each month that love seems to grow. Or pretty much anything with wheels. Often as we are walking in to a store or church or wherever I find him with one or two matchbox cars in his hands.

He finally crossed the 25 pound mark. I thought he had crossed it shortly after he came home but that was with a full diaper on, he has been slow to gain weight….and while he is probably my pickiest eater, he does eat pretty well, he just doesn’t stop during the day. I think he fully believes he is as big as Leighton and can do anything and everything that Leighton can do, and attempts and usually succeeds at doing whatever it is. I was hauling bags in from Target the other day and he insisted on carrying something, and ended up choosing a HUGE box of diapers that was literally bigger than he was, and he not only picked it up but carried it from the doorway all the way to the stairs without even faltering. Pretty funny to watch a box of diapers toddle across the floor.

He wakes up hard from naps and loves to snuggle. I don’t mind at all. He often has a lot to say and talks and talks and talks. I think our dinner table will never be quiet in the years to come. I am so thankful for his sweet little personality and hugs and snuggles each step of the way.