Toddler Life x2….

Life with toddlers is never dull. And times that by 2 it makes it twice as fun…crazy…interesting…exciting…or something. And I totally think that the two of them  work with each other to work against us. There is a reason that they have been nicknamed “Double” and “Trouble”.


Don’t let their innocent photos in front of the Christmas Tree fool you. There is clearly some mischievousness hidden behind both of their smiles.


And they work together to wrap the innocent around their little fingers so they can get away with more…or at least score more ice cream from Grandpa.


Here’s a small taste of a moment with them. Last week I woke up from a night shift and had to help Leighton get a side dish ready for his gymnastics team party that night. He and Clint had made cinnamon sticks earlier in the day and I decided to make some cream cheese dip to go with it. We had two extra “helpers”. I have figured out that to cook with the two littles the best thing is to pull out plastic bowls for them with spoons and occasionally put things in the bowls to keep them happy. Paxton lets us know quite loudly how often that “occasionally” needs to occur. We somehow survived the making of the dip and I was trying to get the disaster that had become my kitchen (seriously all we did was melt white chocolate and mix it into cream cheese and yet my kitchen looked like a tornado went through….actually I think it was two pint sized tornados). And while they wanted to “help” wash dishes I thought it best and tried to get them distracted in the living room. I found a laundry basket and put both of them in it and they giggled and thought it was the best thing ever. I mistakenly thought “Score 1 for mommy”.

I all of got back to the kitchen (approximately 5 feet away) when what had been great fun 2 seconds ago quickly became a source of battle. Paxton wouldn’t let Coppelia sit in the laundry basket, Coppelia wanted to move the laundry basket…and so on. Their happy giggles turned to shrieks from both. And Paxton turned to hitting Coppelia and doing all he could to block her from sitting in or playing with or getting anywhere near the laundry basket. So I picked Paxton up and carried him to the kitchen and told him, “If we can’t share with our sister then we need to sit in time-in near mommy for a few minutes to help us share nicely”. I found the stool and sat him down on it near where I was trying to clean.

At that point I turned my back and I heard Coppelia shriek and I turned back around and saw her running across the room and dove towards Paxton and yell “stool”. One of the few words that she can say. She then proceeded to pull him off the stool and plop down on it herself. Which of course resulted in him pulling her off the stool and the pattern continued. Seriously? I was trying to do a time in and the stool becomes the highlight. I had Coppelia walk up the stairs with Leighton to get the other stool and bring it down. Of course that stool has a truck on it, where as the one that they were previously fighting over had a pirate ship. Paxton of course wanted the stool with the truck even though he was sitting comfortably without issue on the stool with the ship. In the end both ended up on stools and were as happy as could be. So much for my lesson and reminder on sharing.


And just in case you are wondering the happiness from stools lasted all of 3 minutes…but I at least got my kitchen cleaned in that 3 minutes before it was on to another adventure. They definitely keep us on our toes, but also bring so many laughs.