A Nutcracker Day…

This past Saturday Leighton, Caedmon, and I got to do what is becoming an annual tradition and go and see the Nutcracker together. In the years past however we have gone down to Denver to see the performance by the Colorado State Ballet. This year however I learned that the place that Caedmon just started taking ballet at, Centennial State Ballet, does performances each year.

We started out by going to lunch together at a “real” restaurant, which I define as a restaurant where you actually get menus and sit down to order unlike Firehouse Subs or Noodles-n-Company which are our usual 2 go-to places. It was fun to sit in booth with the two of them and play tic-tac-toe and do picture searches on their kids menus. We laughed and just enjoyed time together.

When we got the the ballet, the boys picked out little nutcrackers for themselves and for Edric and Paxton and a decorated pointe shoe for Coppelia. Caedmon posed with the nutcracker that was set up for a photo booth but Leighton told me he didn’t want to get his photo taken. I guess 8 is the age where you start to become too cool for things like that….He did let me take his photo with his brother in front of the curtain.


When we were let in we found our seats and then both boys wanted to go and watch the orchestra warm up. I after we returned to our chairs I only answered “how much longer till it starts” about 20 times. Luckily we did have the program to help distract them a little, Caedmon found the photo and bio of his ballet teacher which made him really excited.


Before we knew it, the show started and was really amazing to watch and see all the dancers. They did an amazing job. I also enjoyed watching Caedmon. The chair in front of him was empty (I think it was the only one in the entire auditorium) and he was literally on the edge of his seat leaning up and resting his head on that seat just enthralled with the performance. I wish I could have gotten a photo of him watching. A couple times he just stood up and watched in amazement. When his teacher came on, he told me “Mommy, that’s Mr Matt.” The lady sitting behind us giggled as she watched him and at the intermission told me “it is so good to see boys so interested in ballet.”


We had a great time. Caedmon told me that he is going to try out next year and he thinks he might want to be the nutcracker, “because I’m really good at ballet Mommy”, or maybe one of the little boy parts. Leighton was quick to inform me that he had a great time but he never wants to be on stage, but he likes to watch the ballet. I look forward to this tradition continuing in years to come.

Thoughts or comments....

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