Running Mountains Again….

Well I’ve done it again….registered for a long trail race/run. I’ve really enjoyed running Imogene Pass the past couple of years, but I wanted/needed something to run in the spring. In the past Clint and I have done the Colfax 1/2 marathon, but honestly I get real tired of running on pavement and up a road. I kind of fell in love with trail running over the past couple of years and so I started looking for a trail run to do.

recent shot from early morning run in the fresh snow

I found one, called the Collegiate Peaks Trail Run in Buena Vista Colorado. Actually I just pulled it up on my computer and saw the photos from the race and was hooked. It has a 25 mile option and a 50 mile option. I may be totally crazy but there is no way I’m going to run or even attempt to train for a 50 mile race, 25 miles will be far enough. I know people that do run that far and farther and totally admire them, but 25 is quite far enough thank you very much.

Registration opened on December 1st and I was on the computer early that morning getting registered and set. For the first time though I’ve asked a friend for some help with training. In the past I’ve looked up plans or just made up my own, but a friend in our small group has done a number of triathlons and such and so I asked him for advice/help/recommendations. And so I’ve got a plan, tons of info on nutrition and I think I’m ready to go. I’ll start my official training in mid January and here’s hoping that it all goes well.

why just look at the mountains when you can run up them?