Some Days…

Actually let me take that back….EVERY DAY feels like a marathon. Or a VERY LONG race. And that’s just by 9AM…there are many more hours left in the day by that point and I’m usually ready to throw up the white flag. 

I saw this and this pretty much sums up my life….

It’s really not all that bad. And there are a lot of laughs along the way and times where I just shake my head. Most days I think we are crazy. And every day I collapse on the couch and fall asleep at 8PM just a few minutes after they are all in bed. (Hence the reason my blogging has fallen off a bit….)

We are slowly adjusting to the new schedule and rhythm that comes with the start of school. Some have transitioned easier than others and some are still struggling…(i.e. I pry Edric off of my leg each preschool morning at the door…but he’s always full of smiles when I pick him up a couple hours later).

Some days just to keep everyone happy and distracted until I can get dinner ready we paint toe nails because….well I’m not sure but it worked

For those of you that have laundry machines that eat random socks…I have found all your socks. They are all over my house/yard/playground/field etc. All these random socks seriously cannot be our socks. I could probably do an entire load of laundry each week of just socks…and its still summer time where sock wearing is optional and usually not done. Of course none of those socks have partners….I prep for laundry day the same way I do before a long run day, lots of water/protein and carbs the day before, plenty of sleep, lots of positive self talk (i.e. “You can do this…you will conquer…etc). 

Honestly though I wouldn’t change it for anything. Paxton and Coppelia are at an age where they are discovering all sorts of new things. We sat in the grass today for 20 minutes looking at and chasing a grasshopper. They thought it was the funniest thing. Leighton is growing and learning and thinking so much, but at the same time still loves snuggling up and reading a book in the rocking chair with me, such a sweet time in his life. Caedmon is full of ideas and dreams and the whole world stands before him, dressed in his cowboy hat, cameo t-shirt and shiny white dance pants with a sword tucked under one arm. And Edric is finding his place and while his emotions swing he is still a sweet sweet boy. He had me cracking up today driving home from preschool as he was singing to me the Months of the Year Song “January, February, Fourteenary, Fifteenary…..”. Almost buddy, almost. 

And so I’ll collapse each night and pray each morning (and multiple times throughout the day) for the strength and wisdom to get through it all and work on quitting feeling like I’m messing it all up and just soak in the moments of laughter, playing and giggling that do accompany each day.

No matter what the day holds…the sun will always set each evening and rise again the next morning