August 21, 2015 & 2017…

Same day…2 years apart. Little did we know 2 years ago the significance that this day would be.
2 years ago Clint and I boarded a plane in Seoul to fly home. I cried knowing that we were leaving Edric behind. Little did I know that Paxton was in the babies home and Coppelia was making her way into the world this day 2 years ago. I’m actually surprised that despite Seoul being the size that it is that we actually didn’t hear her arrival…she has a very strong way of letting her presence be made known….I’m sure she did that day as well. 

And now 2 years later we not only got to celebrate Coppelia’s second birthday here with her, but also her being home 4 months today. It was also Edric’s first day of preschool, and I stand amazed at how far he has come in just under 2 years. He still has struggles, and transitions are hard, poor guy broke out in full body hives today from the stress of going to preschool despite all the preparation and reassurance that we have been doing. 

2 months home!
She got a doll house (and actually all the kids play with it)
Feeding the baby

Added to it all we also celebrated the eclipse. We were a little over 95% here and had a great time watching, eating moon pies/sun chips/apples cut to show the stars and walnuts (shaped like our brains because we were learning so much). We played in the sand and mud and just had a pretty great day. 

Eclipse lunch
Rocking the glasses
Being safe
Clint caught this cool image of 95%
Watching away, the littles never looked up, they had glasses but never even tried to look
Eclipse picnic
Nothing like a hose and sand
Having fun

Yes we are all exhausted at the end of the day every day. We spend so much time trying to figure out how to connect and help each child with what they need and end most days trying to survive it to the end. But despite the chaos that is the norm now and the questions and worries and constant fears that we are messing it all up while I would have never believed someone if they had told me two years ago where we would be today, I stand in awe and couldn’t be more thankful of the plans that are bigger than me and the One whose strength I need with each waking moment