Hiking…Party of 7

We went on our first family hike with all 7 of us last week. The weather was not that typical of August in Colorado, but I didn’t mind the cooler air and even the rain that we got along the way. We didn’t know if we would only make it 100 feet from the car or if we would make it to the end of the trail where there were water falls. Edric has never made it very far and it was Paxton and Coppelia’s first time out. Just a few short months ago Coppelia could only walk a few steps before she fell down.

Starting out…
Mud and sticks, every boys dream
Hiking along
Party of 7…
There is a lot of us!
All rivers need rocks thrown in

As it turned out everyone did really well. Paxton turned out to be quite the hiker, hiking nearly 4 miles of the total 5 that we did, he rode in the backpack a little but all in all he was taking off down the trail faster than the rest of us most of the time. Coppelia held her own, but spent more time in the back carrier, there were times that she really wanted down and we’d let her walk for awhile but she was so much slower than everyone. Edric did great, he usually starts whining shortly after we loose site of the car but he actually hardly whined at all. Caedmon and Leighton held their own as well. 

Edric checking out the 3 deer
Oldest to youngest
Sometimes hyping just had enough

It was just a good day to get all of us out, enjoy some of the beauty that we live near, and have a good time of laughter and make some good memories.