Dear Edric-2017…

Hey buddy, it was 2 years ago today that we met you for the first time in a crowded little hot room in the middle of Seoul. A journey that had literally begun 3 years before was finally approaching the end in that little room. 

You were just a tiny little peanut and really not to sure about Daddy or I. Goldfish crackers and bubbles helped ease the transition and you slowly over that first hour began to warm up and play with us. Pushing you back and forth in the little car had all of us laughing and you thought the slide was the best thing in the world. That hour passed far to quickly that first day.

It’s been a long road since those first few shared moments in that room. I don’t think any of us knew what was to come and probably if any of us did we would have been too scared to take the next steps, but even though the road has been rougher and the climb harder than we ever anticipated in that day I am thankful for where we have come and the lessons that we have learned and the healing that has taken place. 

And I’ll admit, there are times that I get real selfish and feel frustrated because I hadn’t signed up for speech struggles, or defiant behaviors, or your anger and hurt to be taken out on me and our family….but then I have to remember that you didn’t sign up for any of this either. You were born into this world only needing someone to care and love you and be your family, time in the NICU, months in the babies home, then many months with a doting and loving foster family was all you had ever known…how I often wish i had been there in your first moments and held you close and rocked you and watched over you each day and given you the security and trust that you so needed. But love is messy and life is even messier and you lost all you had and all that was rightfully yours to become a part of our family. There have been many prayers said and many tears shed over the past couple of years…but we are all figuring this crazy thing we call a family out and re-establishing that trust and security that you need.

You have made us laugh and brought joy into our lives. We have grown in ways we didn’t know possible and Edric we are so thankful for that day 2 years ago, and are constantly in awe that we get to be your mommy and daddy. It’s not been daisies and roses but having you in our life is not something I would change for the world. We love you Edric!