Paxton-5 Months Home!

We celebrated Paxton being home 5 months on Friday. And while he’s learned that he is two and has some very set opinions on things now, he is still such a sweet boy who loves to laugh a giggle. 

Trucks are still his favorite thing and he usually asks for a car with his breakfast. Sometimes before he gets out of bed we hear his little voice in the monitor “Caedmon I want car”. All red cars/trucks/vans/busses are fire trucks in his world. A couple of weeks ago at church there was a big red truck/RV that was there for people that wanted to donate blood. I couldn’t get him inside the church until after we had walked over and rubbed the tires lovingly and waved and said “hi” to the “fire” truck.  

He has a little bit of a temper and will throw a fit when he doesn’t get his way…so basically he’s a typical 2 year old. Waiting for something does not come easily. 

His language continues to just take off and he is a little chatterbox…at home. Out and about he will hardly say anything if there are other people around. And he can sing full songs, I love holding and rocking him and singing to him before bed each night because his little voice sings right along with me which is just too cute. 

I know we were nuts starting the adoption process so early with Paxton just shortly after Edric was home and with all the things we were (and still do) deal with Edric, and yet I stand in awe at this little package of Paxton and I am beyond blessed and filled with joy at the fact that we get to spend a lifetime together as family.