Paxton-4 Months Home!

Paxton has been home 4 months. And I couldn’t get him off the car in order to get his photo, so we took it with him on the car. It’s funny, I was very particular about Leighton’s monthly photos his first year…I think I even planned his outfits out at least a week in advance. Even by Edric I was still pretty particular and it had to be in the same place and on the same white board etc etc etc. By 4 & 5 I’m just thankful that I remember each month, so far I haven’t let a move or a rain storm or anything prevent me from taking my photos even though it means that I use a different white board or a different location, and I’m just glad that they are dressed. And seriously I think I should earn some sort of bonus points for not missing one yet, 3 and 4 months in….
Paxton is full of joy, I wish I could bottle his belly laugh that he has on the swings (or when we are chasing him, or tickling him or at any point really) and share it with the world. The world would have a little more peace and joy if Paxton could be shared with all. Probably not a coincidence that his name means Peace….He’s still fully a two year old, don’t get me wrong there, there are still the stomping feet and tears when he doesn’t get his way, but overall his demeanor is just one of peace and joy.

And this boy talks up a storm. In full sentences. Saying things like “I want a crouton” Because 2 year olds who are learning their second language say that all the time right? “I need to ride my bike”, “Mommy, green tractor there” are just a few other sentences this little guy speaks. But if we go out in public or there are other people around or people come over….he will hardly say anything. Also he has held on to some Korean, for example he calls Clint- “Abeoji-mommy” which is the formal way of saying “father” in Korean, and then mommy added on. Clint keeps trying to get him to call him daddy…but he remains “Abeoji-mommy”.

Trucks and tractors and all things with wheels are still his favorite. From our back porch we can see the rode at the back of our 2 acres and open space and at lunch he sits there and tells me about all the trucks and tractors that drive by. He asks Caedmon every morning “Caedmon, I want a car” and any vehicle that is green is automatically a tractor….even mini vans.

Rocking the bike trailer with Coppelia

The night terrors are pretty much gone, but he is still pretty nervous around others and needs/likes to have one of us close. He’s come far, but I know we still have a ways to go. I’m so glad that he is a part of our family and I can’t wait to see and watch how he brings joy to others in his life.