Coppelia-3 Months Home!

Our little dinosaur has been home 3 months! We call her our little dino because she still growls a lot and kind of walks like a T-Rex (or how I think a T-Rex would walk). We’ve made up a song to “I’m A Little Tea-Pot” only we call it “I’m A Little Dinosaur” and sing it often and she laughs when we do.

Taken inside because it was raining and storming outside

Coppelia has come so far in 3 months. She went from screaming and shrieking all the time, especially if I was not around to being a generally happy little girl unless she is hungry or tired. We are working with speech therapy to give her signs to be able to communicate what she wants and we have heard a few words come out as well. Her core strength and fine motor is getting stronger, we are working with physical therapy with that. But emotionally she has come a long way and is much more settled and happy and a joy to be around.

She has figured out how to get around and get what she thinks she needs. She has learned where the stool lives, and improvises if necessary. She also will sneak away to go and sneak into the bathroom to eat toothpaste. She keeps us on our toes for sure. Coppelia loves to eat and I don’t think there is a food that she has found that she doesn’t like yet.

creatively getting to what she thinks she needs in the laundry room…

She thinks her big brothers are the best people anywhere and loves to play and toddle after them. She enjoys reading books, and “book” is one of the few words she will say. She likes to have a purse or bag to put things in and if she can’t find that then she will carry my water bottle around like her purse. It has been so much fun to get to know her and begin to see her personality come out.

The older boys were wearing goggles so she needed some too…just hopped right in clothes and all