All 5 Kids…

So below is a screen shot of texts between Clint and I on Friday…he’d gone to Costco with the two littles and I had taken the three bigs to swim lessons….
As I thought about it later I actually wanted to change how it ended. I wish I had said “Actually bring Ken home if he does laundry, dishes and cooks meals”. There have been days (usually while I’m hanging yet another load of laundry on the clothes line) that I’ve considered our family should join a nudist colony. It would be way easier and there would be WAY less laundry. Do you realize the amount of laundry that a family of 7 goes through….and that’s with most of them wearing their swim suits for most days every day and I usually am rocking the same running shorts and t shirt for at least 3 days in a row….and yet the amount of laundry is unreal. 

And don’t even get me started on food….Clint was actually asked while at Costco if he owned a restaurant…he said “no, just 5 kids”. And I should mention that as of know they are all under the age of 8….what are we going to do when we have 4 TEENAGE BOYS to feed? The thing is is that they all think they need to eat 3 times a day and have a morning snack and afternoon snack. We do a lot of fruit and veggies but STILL!!!! I’m so thankful that our new house actually has 2 refrigerators, one in the kitchen and one in the pantry….it’s like they knew we were going to need them.

I get a lot of questions as far as how all 5 get along. Honestly I am amazed, they all do great and get along well and play really well together. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns, as they are all little humans with wills of their own, but really they get along really well. People ask me too how Caedmon and Leighton do with having 3 adopted siblings…it’s all they’ve known and its a part of their normal every day life, they do great with it and think their three little brothers and sister are awesome. They all like to have their space from time to time, and it is impossible to get a photo of all 5 smiling and looking at the camera….but they do amazingly well. We’ve told them from the beginning “you will have friends in and out of your lives, but you will always have brothers and a sister…how you treat and care for each other now is going to affect the relationships that will be a part of your lives forever.”

You don’t want to see the multiple outtakes I have from the front of them…this is the best shot you can at least imagine all looking and smiling
Working together to get dry hay for our fire

And while the laundry will continue to increase and the food continue to decrease, I am thankful for the love and care that they show and give each other and pray that continues throughout their lives