Family Bike Riding

Really doing anything as a family of 7 is still a bit of a joke but we are figuring things out and slowly working into it. 
This weekend we went bike riding. We’ve been bike riding around the neighborhood a few times, and I’m thankful that we have a third wheel bike that attaches to the back of mine for Edric to ride on, because his little legs tire out on his strider bike riding around our neighborhood. I can’t say he really pedals when he is back behind me, I think I end up doing all the work and then some, but at least he’s not tiring out and crying. Leighton and Caedmon have their bikes and Paxton and Coppelia fit well in the bike trailer pulled by Clint and get excited about riding in it. 

So we headed up to the Loveland Bike Path which is great, I use to run on it when I did cross country and would go roller blading during the summers on it. Loading and unloading and getting everyone’s bikes set and everyone on a bike takes a bit, but before long we were actually all headed down the trail. Actually Leighton and myself (pulling Edric along) were down the trail and Caedmon was slowly coming along looking at everything along the way and talking the whole way and just in his happy little dream world that he lives in. 

We eventually made it the 2.5 miles up the trail to the community park area that has some playgrounds and a splash pad. I kind of expected the kids to head for the water because it was hot, but they actually all headed to the far park which was set up kind of like a obstacle course. We all took turns climbing and swinging and attempting to make our way through the obstacles. We had a lot of fun and laughed a lot.

She thought this was the funniest thing ever
Attempt at getting a photo of all 5….attempt being the key word
Caedmon showing me and Paxton the way….
3 ninja boys

Before long it was time to hop back on our bikes and head towards our van to head home for lunch and eventual naps. We started out great but then Caedmon hit his wall. Poor little guy, I think it was the farthest he has ever ridden and he was just tired and done. Lots of tears and lots of me saying “just keep peddling” got us through the last mile. I kept telling him how proud I was of him and Edric would pipe up behind me “You proud of me too mommy”. To which I would say “oh yes Edric, even though mommy is doing all the work I’m proud of you, I’m glad I get to ride with you”. 

And so slowly but surely we are figuring out life as a family of 7 and how to make the chaos come together and actually work and end up as a fun day for all. And I have no actual photos of the bike ride itself because riding a bike with a 4 year old attached and taking a photo is way more complicated than I can manage….