Coppelia-2 Months Home!

Wow we have come a long way in 2 months. And not so much we, as Coppelia Jiyun has come a very long way in 2 months. We are seeing lots of smiles and giggles and hearing laughter which is something we only dreamed of the first number of weeks home. She has figured out the routines and jumped right in to the craziness of it all.
I think the see-saw and going down the slide are two of her favorite toys. She giggles and laughs as she slides down and always wants someone to ride on the see-saw with her. She also really likes drawing with the side walk chalk (and occasionally eating it…you know everyone needs a little extra calcium). Eating is still by far her favorite activity and she lets us know when she thinks its time to eat but sitting at the picnic table…even it if is an hour before snack or a meal. She is learning that books are more than things to nibble on, and enjoys sitting in our laps and reading the books.

Headed up the ramp to the slides…look at that smile!

There’s not much that she doesn’t seem to like at this point, but I think that is because she’s still taking everything in. I have a feeling when she does form her opinion she will let us know exactly how she feels about whatever it happens to be. 

Talking is coming slowly but we expected that. She started saying her first two words in the past couple of weeks, “hi” and “bye” both said with enthusiasm and vigorous hand waving. It’s sweet to hear her little voice start to make words and I’m excited to hear those words and her ideas come forth in the months to come. 

Coppelia, I know the last two months have been nothing short of crazy, but we are so glad that you are in our lives and filling our hearts with joy and laughter!