Paxton-2 Months Home!

Paxton has been home a little over two months now. I’m a few days late posting this…well…life. Paxton has transitioned really well and just kind of goes with the flow. He loves his three big brothers and is putting up with his little sister who he sometimes plays well alongside and other times decides he wants whatever she has or decides to just push her over…so in other words they are getting along like a typical brother and sister. 
Paxton is full of smiles, he giggles and smiles from the get go in the morning and usually all the way till night. Few things make him upset unless he is tired, but that could be said of most of us. Trucks are clearly still one of his favorite things to play with.

Paxton talks up a storm. He still repeats a lot of what he hears, but is initiating a lot of speech on his own as well. Sometimes he just goes off in a string of words, I don’t know if they are Korean, toddler speech, or just a whole set of sounds that he made up, but he adds hand motions and facial expressions and tells us all about it. I just wish I knew what he was saying. Yesterday while we were cleaning house he was walking around singing “Amazing Grace” with all the words to the first verse. Clint sings it to him at bedtime and clearly he has picked it up. He seems to really like songs.

Sometimes I think of his sweet foster family and hope that they know that he is doing so well and that we are so thankful for the love and care that they showed him and gave him. He is an amazing little boy and has taken all the major life changes-adoption, moving 1/2 way around the worlds, gaining 3 brothers and then a few weeks later a little sister, moving to a new house, teething a lot (little guy has grown at least 6 teeth since coming home), plus all the new foods, language, and such in such stride. He smiles and snuggles and loves to be tickled through all of it and the night terrors have almost all stopped. 

Little buddy, I know the last couple months have been crazy, but as your foster mom told us “he gives me a reason to smile every day” the same has been true in our lives. We are so glad you are here and part of us now.