Tickets Bought Again…

We got word this morning that Coppelia’s visa date has been set for April 20th at the US embassy in Seoul. So for the 3rd time in 10 weeks I booked tickets to Seoul. My mom and I will be traveling this time, leaving Clint and all the boys at home. Mom and I will leave the US via Denver-Dallas-Seoul on Easter morning. We will take custody of Coppelia sometime Tuesday the 18th and then do her visa interview on the 20th at the embassy. We will leave Seoul the evening of the 21st and arrive in Seattle earlier that same afternoon (gotta love time travel) and then fly the final leg home to Denver landing at 7:15PM, which is 25 minutes after the time we take off from Seoul (again, gotta love time travel). Hoping it feels like a 25 minute trip and not the 14+ hour trip it really is…

This will be my mom’s first time to Seoul. My little brother was adopted from Seoul 30+ years ago, and actually flew the same way to Denver, via Seattle those many years ago. Along the way they encountered bad weather in Seattle and the plane actually got grounded and stuck overnight in Seoul and the sweet flight attendants had 15 babies to care for all night long. They were more than ready to hand off my brother the next day to my parents. I was 3 at the time and for the longest time thought babies came from airports.

This part of this crazy family adventure and journey is almost over, soon we will be a family of 7. We could not have done it without everyone’s prayers and support this past year. And also a shout out to Adoption Airfare ( who has helped us book all of our flights. Not only do they do adoption flights but also flights for missions and humanitarian aide, they have been great to work with.

And please check out Paxton’s homecoming photos taken by our friend Kara Pearson.

Thoughts or comments....

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