Tears, Teeth, Tiredness, Tempers, and Trials….

Ah, the first numbers of days home with an newly adopted toddler. Similar to being home with a newborn, but having been through both, I’d say the newly adopted toddler is tougher. And to add to the fun of the mix Paxton has his four incisor teeth coming in. Which I think for any kid are the worst ones, and seriously the poor guy needed all four coming in at the same time this week? 

It took a day or so but we finally figured out something that Paxton wants to eat and will eat. Grilled seaweed and rice mixed together. He’ll do Cheerios and bananas and asian pear as well but not a whole lot else, at least not yet. Clint made homemade dumplings last night and those were a hit as well. At least he’s eating. The other three boys love rice and seaweed so we might just go all Korean here for a bit as we get settled. The instapot is getting a good workout making lots of batches of sticky rice. 

Clint and I have gotten good at seeing what goes on between 11PM-6AM. And the honest truth is not a lot (unless I’m working in the ER). Unless you count a screaming, crying, stomping his foot toddler. Grief is worse at night. During the day Paxton holds it all together pretty well, but night time everything comes out and is just harder. Paxton lost everything he has ever known and so this is all expected and normal. Lots of rocking him back and forth and trying to comfort him as best as we can, and then attempt to function somewhat the next day. 

This too shall pass. One day he will sleep through the night. One day he will feel secure and understand that this is his family and home now and that’s not going to change. And until then we just keep snuggling and holding and loving on him as best we can.

We have had some sweet times too. He loves to play with trucks and thinks the big boys are the greatest. They love to “help” and are quick to offer him his water and a hand to hold. Paxton is also able to say enough words to try and communicate what he wants. We may not always understand it, but we are trying (thanks google translate) and beginning to figure and learn each other out. 

Some afternoons call for couch time with videos
The 4 great explorers
Helping a brother out
Some smiles along the way

Day by day and moment by moment we are growing and building and becoming a family.