4 Boys In Bed….

There are 4 little boys in bed tonight! We actually got home last night, so there were four little boys in bed then too but we were all so exhausted I didn’t write to tell anyone.
Flights home actually went pretty well. We had an evening flight so we headed up to Seoul Tower in the morning to get some energy out and pass the time. When we traveled for Edric’s court trip we hiked up the mountain that the tower is at, this time we decided to take the cable car. It would’ve been a great walk up, but with Paxton and limited time we didn’t want to get stuck or run out of time. He actually slept through most of it. Saturday seemed to be reality day for him as he was pretty withdrawn and sad. 

Looking down at Seoul through the old city wall
Seoul Tower
We put a lock on the wall of locks at Seoul Tower
How he spent the majority of the trip to Seoul Tower

Let’s just say lunch went terrible. Have you ever been in a foreign country trying to order lunch with a 21 month old screaming and yelling and throwing the biggest fit ever and so you try to see if you can take your food as carry out and the shop owners won’t let you and you just want to die? Yeah so that was our lunch. Eventually he calmed down enough to devour jajameyong noodles, but not for a long tense number of minutes. We got through it, and so did everyone else. And I’m pretty sure everyone in Seoul could hear him. 

We took a taxi to Seoul Station and then the express train to the airport all of which went super smooth. At the airport Paxton loved the moving walkways. He and I made a number of loops up and down on them. The long flight to Dallas went really well. He sat on my lap and watched part of The Incredibles (minus the sound because he didn’t like the headphones) and then after dinner fell asleep in my lap. And slept almost all the way to Dallas. I tried to sleep but he is a wiggly sleeper and had trouble getting comfortable and so I think I only got about an hour of sleep. I did read a couple of books though which was nice. 

Ready to fly!

Customs at Dallas went super smooth, waiting for our bags so we could go through the checkpoint and re-check out bags did not. Our bags (as well as everyone else’s on our flight) took nearly 90 minutes to arrive. And Paxton totally lost it. He cried, screamed and threw a huge fit. On top of everything we realized the little guy has 3 of his 4 incisors coming in, but really I think he was just expressing how all of us were feeling. Only at his age it’s appropriate and at mine it’s kind of frowned upon. We eventually made it through and he was free to run through the airport. Which is exactly what he did.

I remember getting on the flight to Denver, the next thing I recall is waking up and realizing we were over 1/2 way there. Paxton was chilling with Clint in his seat, so it was nice to get a little nap in. At Denver we had family and our life group from church waiting to meet us which was really fun. The boys were all super excited to meet each other and Paxton wanted to do everything that they were doing. 

Meeting brothers
All together

We got home late and everyone slept pretty well, Paxton was up for a couple hours in the middle of the night because of time change stuff I’m sure, but we all woke up feeling pretty good this morning. We had a low key day of just playing and getting to know each other. We went down the trail by our house just a ways to throw rocks in. When we first got there Paxton walked right up to the edge and then promptly walked right into the river. I quickly jogged home for some more clothes for him. 

First walk
Found some sticks
Taking it all in
Wagon ride

Meals have been a bit tough. He has not had much of an appetite and he has been less then please with what we have tried to offer him. He had a major fit tonight at dinner. We thought we were giving him things off his list of foods that he liked from his foster family but clearly we aren’t doing something right. We found a website with some really good Korean recipes to make so we are going to try some new things tomorrow. Really though, considering all the little guy has been through in the last 4 days he is doing an amazing job. One day at a time.